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we are coordinating our outfits very well this week 37 >> i didn't get the color memo. >> i'll tweet you next time. >> thank you. we have mostly clear skies. temperatures are on the cool side to mild side. it looks good to go for the viewing on endeavour. temperatures with lots of sunshine today. here is sal. all right, steve, good morning to wow. marin county southbound 101 it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. looks good. from center san rafael to the city. 237 looks good. let's go back to dave and pam. san jose police are investigating what may be a double shooting nearby flanagan drive in east san jose. ktvu ann ruben is in san jose with details about the victim. >> reporter: police are still trying to piece together how this went down. they say two people were shot
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and both were transported to the hospital. it happened around 10:20 last night here at the direction of flanagan drive and alvin avenue when police arrived they found two victims. the first was a 39-year-old man that had been shot in the chest and also had a broken arm. a second victim a 24-year-old was also transported. investigators say both men are expected to survive their injuries. police say this may have started with some sort of heated argument. right now they do not believe it was gang related. live in san jose ann rubin. time is 5:01. violent late night marchs and protests in san francisco's mission district it was sparked by an officer involved shooting. ktvu alex savidge is live at the mission police station and alex, that was a target of vandals. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, to you, dave. protestors vandalized the mission police station last night during this heated demonstration. i want to show you video we shot a few minutes ago outside the police station as crews came in and cleaned up some good morning. just patch you fog. maybely close to the city -- mainly close to the city. skies are clear. it will be sunny and warmer
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graffiti someone had spray painted on the front door. kalers had been spray painted on the police station. protestors were outraged by a nonfatal police shooting. the spontaneous demonstration broke out at 10:30 last night. several dozen protestors marched through the mission. they eventually surrounded the police station where officers today. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we follows for you night now at 5:42. a man was shot and wounded by police after he pulled a fun on an officer. a couple hours later dozens of people were marching down mission street protesting that shooting. the protestors also vandalized the mission police station. in a couple hours from right now the space shuttle endeavour will be flying over in riot gear stood forward. they focused their riots on police after they shot an unarmed man. offices with the gang task force spotted two people they recognized as gang members. police say one of the men pulled a tech 9 pistol. officers ordered him to drop the gun but instead he raised that weapon and officers opened fire. that armed man was hit twice by police gunfire but he is at the us here in the bay area. carried on the back of a jumbo jet it traveled to edward's air force base. from there endeavour will fly over sacramento and over us here in the bay area. that will be about 9:30 this morning. people across the bay area and around the world are camped out to buy the new iphone 5. these are live pictures. you can see people camped out right in san francisco.
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hospital and this morning is expected to survive. in the end after this demonstration here in the mission district no one was hurt, no police officers, no protestors and there were no arrests made. live this morning in san francisco alex savidge. happening now the wait in line for the iphone 5 is down to three hours. we've been outside the apple store on chestnut street in san francisco. here's a live look. you can see people bundled up camping out there. hoping to be the first to get the phone. but the iphone 5 goes on sale at apple stores, at & t, verizon, sprint retail stores and many best buy, radio shack, and walmart stores opinion the price has raised $199 with a contract to $600 without one. it has been two years of fighting but now troops are heading back home from. it packed up millions of they are lined up outside apple stores across the bay area waiting for the new phones to release at 8:00 a.m.. some have camped out for several days. at & t and sprint and verizon stores will also be selling the phone at 8:00 a.m.. most best buy radio shack and walmart stores will also have them as well. it's a few minutes after 8:00 in new york. and here's a live look at the apple store in the big apple. take a look at that crowd. east coasters are getting the first crack at owning the latest iphone in the u.s.. the release of the phone is dollars of military equipment. that now leaves $68,000 in the war zone. one man has died in a violent demonstration on a pakistani holiday protesting that antimuslim film. pac tan's government declared today a national if et would
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drawing huge crowds across the country. americans are not the only ones that camped out outside apple stores. this is the scene earlier today in tokyo. apple fans carried their apple umbrellas to keep the rain off their gadgets as they waited to buy new ones. the company could sell between 6-10 million iphones this weekend. apple cofounder was the first people in line in australia. his caption on this photo says in line for first iphone five also block cell phone service to keep people from using the hoes. a judge has -- which has caused all this chaos. cindy lee garcia said it damaged her career and people are threatening her family. the judge rejected her request because the man behind the film did not get a copy of her lawsuit. he is in hiding. in the world. he waited in line for hours when the iphone 4s was released. republican presidential nominee mitt romney returns to the bay area to raise money for his campaign. afternoon fundraiser scheduled right there. news chopper 2 flew over the estate yesterday. tickets are $50,000 a person which begins at 4:45 this 5:44. overnight news an investigation under way into a shooting that happened in roe day owe. investigators with the contra costa county sheriffs office are not giving us much details yesterday. the shooting happened about 10:00 last night. deputies taped off the area. they brought in a danville police dog to help locate the gunman. reports of a woman recovering in the hospital after being hit by an suv in
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afternoon. in a couple weeks president obama will return here to the bay area for a san francisco concert and rally fundraiser. according to bay area news group that october 8th event will be held at the bill graham civic auditorium. tickets range between $100 and $7500. congress meantime preparing to take a recess until after the november election. but first they got big issues to resolve. soming up at 5:15 we will take you live to washington, d.c.. san rafael. it happened on fourth street during the thursday night farmers market. an suv jumped the curb & crashed into this restaurant. a 78-year-old woman was walking in thisy and got hit. >> it's a good thing this place closes at 3:00 p.m. or else a lot of people would have gotten hurt. >> the injured woman was taken we will tell you why this could be a very long weekend for members of congress. if all goes as planned, the endeavour space shuttle will fly over the bay area around 9:30 this morning. it arrived at edwards' air force base on the back of a 7:47 before endeavour retired to a los angeles museum it is scheduled to pass over the state capitol and here to the bay area. to prevent any traffic problems in the air the faa will to the hospital with major injuries. the driver and his family they are being questioned by the police. the restaurant as you heard was closed at the time. there were no customers inside. new information about that huge fire at a martinez gas station. police announced they would not cite the driver that backed into the pump and sparked that explosion and fire. no one was hurt fortunately but station manager was able to shut after the fuel from an under ground tank at flex oil
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restrict air space over sacramento and los angeles today between 9:30 and 11:30 air space is restricted below 5,000 feet in a 25-mile radius around san francisco. next month endeavour will take a five mile road trip. now nearly 400 trees were being cut down along the route to make room for the 112-foot long shuttle. the museum is promising to and gas. experts say pump collision fires only happen abdomen ten times a year but far more common are fights caused by customers. investigators are threatening to suspend power trader jp morgan chase's right to sell electricity. jp morgan trading unit in texas replant 1,000 trees. stay with us here at ktvu for continuing coverage in the next half hour some of the best bay area spots to catch the flayover of the shuttle we are also going to go live to moffett field at 6:30 this morning because they are hosting a very big watch party there. >> there will be a lot of watch parties. that is what sal is telling us chp has a warning as well. that is right dave and pam. chp's warning not to stop on is accused of submitting misleading information to the federal government. time now 5:46. in santa clara county if you have one wanted soda in your house, today is the day to trade it in to get a healthier option. santa clara county officials are holding a soda exchange program. if you bring unwanted cans or bottles of soda, you will get free fruit and vegetables vouchers. this exchange goes from 9:00 in
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the freeway if you happen to be driving by when endeavour flies over. i know it's tempting to do it and people do it, but it's dangerous and you could be cited for it. as we look at the east shore freeway 80 westbound looks pretty good. obviously stopping on the freeway you can imagine how dangerous that would be. but every once in awhile someone will do it and it will cause a big problem. let's take a look at the westbound bay bridge the traffic here is looking good all the way into the city. the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon at the vallco's farmers market. and there is a treat if you really like food in oakland this morning. the fourth annual eat real festival begins in jack london square. it's a three-day event that features local food vendors. most of the food costs about $5. >> i wish we could head over there right now. >> we are very close. >> we are. let's check in with sal. no major problems there. and if you are driving in the san jose area 280 northbound right through downtown that looks pretty good. 5:07 steve. is it going to be warmer this weekend? >> today and tomorrow. sunday is the transition day. but it looks good. even for the coast as we start to wipe out that fog. usually by this time of year the coast is sunny and warm. well it has been foggy. but that is not the case today. cool lows. patchy fog. warmer. looks sunny for everybody here. i don't think that fog will >> good morning, pam and dave. we are off to a nice start on this friday. the commute looks good around the bay area. let's go outside and take a look at these thank yous. highway 4 westbound you see slow traffic this morning as you drive from antioch to bay point and after that 680 is doing well from benicia to walnut creek. if you are driving on 880 north or southbound it has been a very nice drive so far. it is getting more crowded. it's not really bad right now at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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last too long. 60s and 70s and 80s. there is still a westerly breeze. 43 santa rosa and napa. antioch 55. there is a huge difference between some of the temps. a little cooler for some. livermore at 53. there is your west at 15. again there is the delta breeze still there. still showing itself. but the 80s now which kind of disappeared for awhile they pushed off to the east. san jose in the -- but it's not causing a big backup that is in the noncommute direction. let's go to steve. thank you. mostly clear skies. mostly he says. there is a little bit of patchy fog. 40s on the lows. low to mid 50s everywhere else. there is a little component of a sea breeze. west, 12 to 15. highs inland will come up. we will see 80s and looks nice it will pop back up again as that system has given us that cool down moves north. you can see it way up there. a piece of that will drop in. one forecast model took it right over us. to kind of probably will be between but sunny and warmer today. a chilly morning. especially toward the north. patchy fog at best. it looks like that won't last very long. sunny and warmer for your weekend. and then i went with a little cooler pattern on sunday. by the coast. 60s and 70s around the bay. the low giving us a big cool down is on the way. the low a piece of energy will break off anconal over northern california sunday. but until i think today and tomorrow look pretty good here. cool lows. patchy fog. unless you like the gray skies and i know some of you do. it will be warmer today. we will see temperatures inland getting back in the 80s pap little breezy at times. that is for the usual suspects
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it looks like it will be breezy to windy and sunday early -- sunny early next week. california's high speed rail project is moving to the fast track. libya's prime minister that says -- minister said the attack that killed chris stevens did not just happen. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. theres. 60s and 70s and 80s. concord and pleasant hill. 73 san leandro. we do have upper 70s to low to mid 80s in san jose, santa clara valley up against the hill there. 70s on the peninsula. few pushing the upper 70s. fall begins tomorrow morning. 7:49 in the morning. it will be warmer wouldn't you know it? and it looks like sunny, cooler, and breezy sunday and monday. new this morning just a few minutes ago blackberry announced it has resolved a service outage that hit several parts of the world. the company announced the problems in europe, middle east, and africa. the outage effected millions of users but lasted less than three hours. last year more than 50 million blackberry users around the world were effected by an outage that lasted three days. most analysts don't expect a second day of public trading to
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be. they rang the closing bell there. theyed that had a lot to celebrate there. the ipo was price at $17 a share but it closed at $24. and walmart will stop sells one brand of e-reader very soon. it will not reorder any amazon kindles when its current stock runs out. target made the same move back in may. time now 5:50. a high ranking for san francisco but nobody is bragging about this one. how the city by the bay gets trashed in a new travel magazine survey. plus the expanding hantavirus investigation at yosemite national park. why tourists are not the only ones being effected. also get ktvu news to go. down load the ktvu app just click on that live icon. you can watch all of our newscasts live from your smart
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phone. so be connected any time, anywhere.
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time now 5:11. rising tensions between north and south korea. south korea fired warning shots over north korean fishing boats right near the border. the fishing boats sailed back over the border. no one was hurt. the two countries have been arguing since the early 1950s. prime minister of libya thinks the attack that killed chris stevens was planned ahead of time. >> i think it is. because the way it has taken place. the way they have done it. this group has planned it. it's not spontaneous thing.
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he denounced the west for what he called insults to the devine messenger and criticized the respect for freedom of speech. he said that after a week of protests and riots by people that have been angered by the movie innocence of muslims. congress is about to leave washington until after the november election. ktvu alison burns joins us live from our washington, d.c. newsroom where there are critical issues that lawmakers are leaving undone. >> reporter: the spouse is adjourning and senators had hoped to leave by today, but they still have not agreed on a temporary budget to keep the government running for six more months. now that has been held up by fights over foreign aid and hunting on public lands. senators could be forced to work through the weekend. the finger pointing is intensifying over other big issues left undone like dealing with the fiscal cliff, aid to farmers, violence against women's act and more. >> but i do think we have a good morning. patchy fog continues to pop up a little bit here. mainly on parts of the coast and north bay. it will be sunny and warmer today. time now 5:53. three orphaned baby walruses are being nursed back to health
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responsibility to put certainty as much certainty as possible forward. that would involve our making the tough decisions to avoid going over the cliff. >> reporter: democrats and republicans are calling this the most disfunctional congress in recent memory. a closer look at how the gridlock here could impact the economy. during my next update. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. today the white house is expected to announce changes to at sea world in san diego. they were rescued from alaska. look at the faces there. they are severely malnourished but once they are rehabilitated they will be sent to a zoo or park. to see a baby walrus are rare. there are fewer than 20 in north america. employees at yosemite national park will be tested for the hantavirus. they want to check those workers out to see if they have been exposed to this deadly virus. put california's high speed rail project on the fast track. president obama is set to announce plans to speed up the permit approval process. according to a white house statement environmental reviews for the 114-mile segment could be completed by october of next year. time now 5:14. a man recovering in concord this morning after being shot overnight. police say he was found on the sidewalk of garden avenue near upland drive. the gazette reported yesterday three employees had flu like symptoms and they were tested. while the first tests came back positive, a second one came back negative. park officials are sealing up doors and windows as a precaution. >> we are working on execution everywhere in the park. >> i'm glad they are taking the precautions. i was kind of nervous coming in but made a couple phone calls, wept to the website -- went to the websites they are providing and did research on it. >> at least nine people have been effected with the virus.
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this happened about 9:00 last night. so far no arrests have been made. police in concord say if you have any information call them right away. 16 members of an ohioamish community face a long-time -- forced his followers to shave the beard and cut hair for those that left. the ruling came after more than four days of deliberations. each of them face 20 years or more in prison. time now 5:14. three people are known to have died. roanoke park police are looking for a woman they believe stole money at a donation box. the donations were being collected at blue sky veterinarian hospital for a memorial for 18-year-old kyle nolan. he was son of one of the veterinarians and killed last month in peru. they believe the box was stolen by a woman that came in yesterday morning to make an appointment. now she identified herself as if you have to fly in or out of san francisco international air part this weekend, expect delays. the airport will once again close down one of its main runways. this time they are going to let crews install new runway lights and also do repair work on the new taxi way. the work begins at 10:00 tonight. it will continue through 8:00 a.m. on monday. just a heads up. >> that is good to know. 5:15 is the time. sal, how is traffic? >> so far it's doing well, pam, helen burgess and gave a fake phone number and address. >> it seemed unreal that somebody would do that. i didn't think there were people out there that would do such a horrible thick. >> the office was planning to take the money to a bank next week, now they hope to generate more denations. shell oil says it will complete the cleanup of a toxic leak on oakland property that sold to a developer that went
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dave. right now we are off to a nice start. we've had a couple road work things that clear up on the 5:00 hour. the cones have been picked up. let's take a look at these pictures. highway 4 looks pretty good coming up to the willow pass grade. no major problems over the hill and down to the 680 commute. 680 had a minor problem there but it's gone. westbound bay bridge still looks good into san francisco. and no problems on the lower deck. and this morning we are looking bankrupt. the people living there have complained about the strong smell of petroleum for years. now they can see the booms used to contain oil spills. san francisco barely escaped a top ten list no city wants to be part of. readers of travel and leisure magazine ranked san francisco as the 11th dirtiest city in at a nice looking drive in san jose in the south bay. santa clara valley off to a good start. 5:16 let's go to steve. thank you. we have mostly clear skies. although compared to the last couple of mornings between 5:00 and 7:00 it has thickened up a bit. we are getting a little bit of a breeze out of the north. cool lows especially toward the north bay. it will be warmer. it will be sunny for everybody. viewing should be just fine for the country. now new york city was named the dirtiest city after ranking fifth on the list last year. new orleans second. baltimore, los angeles, and atlanta rounding out the top five. 5:56. how is your list for our commute look something >> we do have a couple items on it. we do have traffic that is moving well in the south bay on northbound 280 getting up to
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endeavour. it will probably be 1 tenth of a percent. somebody is going to say i had fog over my head. for everyone else it will be clear. 43 napa and santa rosa. 53 livermore. 55 fairfield. decent breeze. west, southwest 15 there. west 12 at sfo. still a westerly breeze. but i don't think it will be even close. 60s and 70s and then 80s popping up. i will tell you they disappeared for a couple days. that is not the case. that will be back as this system moves north that is highway 17. southbound 85 they are still clearing a crash that was blocking lanes. also we are looking at the sunol grade, 680 southbound that traffic moves along very nicely. let's go back to dave and pam. >> thank you, sal. presidential campaigning returns to the bay area today. where republican nominee mitt romney will be and what he wants to take with him when he lees. plus protests and violence overnight in san francisco's mission district. what triggered the protests and why even the police station was allowing high pressure to build in. just incredible system dropping down the northern plains. right there that low moves to the north and a piece of that will drop over us. but today and tomorrow look warmer. just some patchy fog and most of that has been chewed up already. and highs today inland. and 80s mid to upper. vallejo, benicia upper 70s. livermore 86. 70 alameda and berkeley. does look pretty nice. santa clara valley low 80s. attacked. good morning. just patchy fog. so endeavour viewing plus temperatures all coming up in two minutes. o?oowq
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some upper 70s on the peninsula. wood side is in there. san bruno at 70. 65 half-moon bay. sunny and warmer. does look like a nice calm pattern on tuesday. >> thank you, steve. reports that spain could ask for a financial bailout are encouraging investors in europe where the markets are all on the rise right now. asian markets overnight also posting some gains but far different reason. all of the wireless companies across the region are showing some large jumps because they are carrying the iphones. the sales going on today. so the big gains boosting the stock market there. checking in on our numbers. futures are pointing to a higher opening across the board. even though there is some disappointing predictions about the earning season coming up. a little bit of a mixed picture for the dow and nasdaq. and keep an eye on oracle this morning. that is after the redwood
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shores company reported a decline in annual earnings after yesterday's closing bell. software sells increased 6% but the hardware division saw sales drop more than three quarters of a billion dollars. time now 5:18. well taking a new approach to fighting deadly diseases. what a former president is doing that is inspirational for a cancer center in texas. plus how uc berkeley is adding a new physician to its staff and how it will help undocumented students on campus. >> and you can wake up with ktvu every morning. get the mornings top stories that developed while you were asleep sent straight to your cell phone. every morning weekday morning at 6:00 a.m.. get your morning wake up call by texting the word wakeup to 70123.
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you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush?
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be happy. be healthy. welcome back. time now 5:21. new this morning from mexico three gunman were killed in a shootout with police right near the texas border. the details still coming in. the gunman fired shots at the police that were searching for escaped prison inmates. the jailbreak was organized by a drug cartel apparently with the help of prison employees. back here at home uc berkeley is hiring new
5:23 am
counselors to help undocumented students on campus. they created new halftime counseling positions to help give academic support. now the first undocumented student program coordinator started on the job this fall. right now there are about 200 undocumented students on the campus. a san francisco firefighter diagnosissed with breast cancer continues to wage a battle over benefits. jeanette is scheduled for a double mass sect mean next week but the 44-year-old mother of two returned to work for the day yesterday because she is out of sick time. the city said her current condition is not life threatening and denied her application for catastrophic illness program which would have allowed fellow firefighters to donate their sick time. >> i will appeal it and wait to here the status back from them and i'm hoping to hear something very fast and quick. because there are other people
5:24 am
in this department that have cancer that it will effect greatly. >> rivera is seeking workman's comp. she hopes the attention and work she received will help catastrophic illness benefits. cancer center looking toward outer space to help them fight deadly diseases. the md anderson cancer center is launching a program they are calling moon shots. they are making a $3 billion investment hoping to turn scientific discoveries into -- they are focusing on lung cancer and triple negative breast cancer. the moon shot programs was inspired by john f. kennedy's determination to go to the moon. today we will find out who is the best in the west at least when it comes to swat teams. 36 swat teams from the western u.s. is competing in san jose for the big title. they are being scored on
5:25 am
physical fitness, proficiency with weapons. the sheriffs department created this. they are hosting the 16-year- old event. in addition to being a competition, this also helps different police units learn how to work well with other departments. bart is celebrating its 40th anniversary believe it or not with a ticket give away. but you have to wear a special sticker to win. in about 30 minutes street teams will pass out 40th anniversary stickers to passengers. the passengers that were seen wearing the stickers in and around bart stations you can be given a ticket worth $40. bart says 1,000 lucky passengers will get the free tickets. time now 5:25 let's check in with sal to see how the commute is starting out. >> yeah but dave 40 is the new 30. it looks good. looks good. looks kind of young. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving along pretty
5:26 am
well on bart and also on the road. we are doing well on this friday. so far we are talking about the shuttle endeavour. we have been talking about it a lot. chp wants me to remind you it's illegal to stop on the freeway especially i'm stopping to look at endeavour. you can't do that. you have to find a safe spot to do that. that traffic looks good as you pass mission boulevard. keep it safe, keep it legal, enjoy yourself on this weekend. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have mostly clear skies. a little bit of patchy fog. overall today looks good. we don't have any problems for viewing endeavour. it should be just fine. maybe a select few has a tiny bit of fog. warmer around the bay. mostly sunny on the coast as well. >> thank you. time now 5:26. speaking of endeavour the bay area can wave bye bye to the
5:27 am
endeavour. the best local spots to watch this historic fly over. we are live in san francisco where dozens of people have camped out overnight for the new iphone 5. find out why they have braved the cold for it this time around. more gun violence in san jose where two people were shot just yards away from each other.
5:28 am
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welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news it's a friday, september
5:30 am
21st i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's now 5:30 almost. let's check in with steve paulson. >> thank you. we do have mostly clear skies. there is patchy fog. a hit bit marin coast also looks to be in the city and san mateo coast. nothing compared to the last couple of days. high pressure building in should be just fine here. highs inland definitely warming up. 60s and 70s and some upper 80s. westbound 237 looks good. no major problems driving across to the peninsula. and this morning's commute that looks pretty good in marin county on southbound 101. it's 5:30 let's go back to dave and pam. time now 5:30. developing news from the south bay. two people were shot in east san jose late last night. right near flanagan drive. ktvu ann rubin is at the scene. >> reporter: when they first
5:31 am
got the call they heard there was a heated argument gone on here-- going on here. it happened about 10:20 last night. a 39-year-old man and 24-year- old were transported to the hospital. while one had apparently been shot in the chest, authorities now say both are expected to survive their injuries. no word on what connection the men might have to each other. but at this point police say they do not believe that the shooting was gang related. live in san jose ann rubin ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are trying to figure out what led to a deadly accident overnight. police say a woman was driving on bay shore when she hit a man that was walking in the street. the woman is cooperating with police. the bay shore off ramp to southbound highway 101 was shut down for several hours. anyone that may have witnessed
5:32 am
that accident is being asked to call san francisco police. they will not cite a man that drove into a gas station. the number of pump collision fires each year the fire danger gas stations see more often than you would think. time now 5:31. the bay area will have to wait a bit longer this morning to see just a glimpse of the space shuttle endeavour. yesterday endeavour flew to they than air force base. this morning the shuttle fly over california one last time before it's retired to the california science center in los angeles. endeavour will take off from edwards' at 8:15 this morning. it's scheduled to fly over the state capitol then the bay area sometime about 9:30 we figure. an hour longer than originally planned. >> the last time we are going to get to see a space shuttle
5:33 am
in the air. >> now fog and clouds could effect whether you see it. steve was saying he thinks you will be okay. but endeavour will fly as low as 1500 feet today. there is a good chance you will be able to see it. where are some of the best places to see the space shuttle? good crowd expected at crissy field. we will be there. the shy boy space and science center. hopefully the skies will be clear when endeavour flies over us. let's check in with steve again right now. what do you think? will we be able to see something? >> i think 99% there will be. but there ask a little bit of a fog. i think by 9:00-9:30 we should be sunny to mostly sunny.
5:34 am
there is a little bit of fog but patchy low clouds. i think we'll have lots of sunshine and temperatures will start to be very mild. it looks good for visibility today. >> ktvu will have continuing coverage of the space shuttle endeavour in the bay area. we will be live at crissy field and moffett field. crowds will be gathering to watch the flay owe. you can watch the actually fly over live at our channel 2 website or on the ktvu app for your smart phone or tablet. happening now as expected there is lines of people waiting outside apple stores. tara moriarty is in san francisco talking with some of the people who are willing to camp out to get the new iphone. tara. >> reporter: we want to show you video here right off the top.
5:35 am
exactly what was inside the store. back here live you can see that all of the folks here have been camped out overnight. that first guy there in the orange sleeping bag he's been here since 10:00 last night. and pretty sure at 8:00 they will be flooding the store for the new iphone 5. analysts have praised the new iphone as faster, thinner and lighter with a longer battery life. some criticize the new charging port and mapping feature. early upgraders are reporting that the any maps are less detailed. they look weird apparently and misplaced landmarks. apple reported more than two million preorders in the first 24 hours. some people couldn't wait. >> i preorder it it wouldn't get here for a month. and i'm like i want to buy one not today but a couple days i would still have to wait in a line. so it's just you know it's fun
5:36 am
to come now just to have it. the experience of it. i like it. >> reporter: one analyst predicts apple will sell between 6-8 million iphone 5 this week alone. the cost $199 each. we talked to one guy that spent $700 on the very first iphone. coming up a little bit later we will talk to one woman that is paid to stand in line here. we will tell you how much she is earning by the minute. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty. >> apple fans in singapore also waited -- singapore waited in lines. the new device has won wave reviews. australians were the first to buy the phone as it began hitting stores this morning. about 600 people plenty of apple store employees as well to greet them. they lined up outside the block in sydney. customers were limited to a maximum of two phones and the
5:37 am
same two phone rule applies here as well. 5:36. sal is the king of all gadgets here. ktvu. >> a gadget head. >> he gets it. >> i'm getting mine in the mail. or whatever they send it. >> i need you here. >> that's right. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at the commute the traffic is moving along pretty well on 280 and 85 but southbound 85 the noncommute direction there is an injury crash and it's blocking two lanes. now it's blocking two lanes and chp has issued a sig alert. we are hoping the crash will be cleared up before and huge backups start building here on 85 southbound. let's move along and take a look at interstate 880 north and south in front of the oakland coliseum. it's a good day today. no problems here. no problems getting top the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:38 am
and at the toll plaza it is light. 5:37 let's go to steve. >> thank you. a very good morning. patchy fog. there is hard any there but it is there. there a little chill up in the north bay. it will be warmer lots of sunshine today. 60s and 70s and 80s. a westerly breeze still in place. but 40s santa rosa 43. napa 46. we could get patchy thick fog. maybe a little later if not now. low 50s and mid 50s for some. there is still a westerly breeze. travis west, southwest 15. we'll keep an eye on that if it gets less than ten. that is a sure sign inland temps will started to warm up. the low that is responsible for our cool down this week is moving north. as it does, that is allowing high pressure to build in.
5:39 am
it will drop toward oregon and california. the consensus is more to the north and northeast. so sunny and warmer today. some patchy fog but mainly just around the city. a little bit on san mateo coast and marin county. overall 60 ann 70 ann -- 60s and 70s and 80s. pleasanton 86. oakland 72. salame da 70. eight o'clock santa clara. 78 santa clara. 70 at redwood city. warmer on saturday. warm to hot for some inland temps. cooler sunday and breezy into monday. thank you. 5:39 is the time. a scary story a driver smashes right into a bay area restaurant. the horrifying story as a woman was trapped under the car. thousands of american soldiers heading home from afghanistan. how many are leaving and how many more are left behind. good morning, san mateo
5:40 am
bridge traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise. we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it.
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